About the Outbuildings

morning0011The Club house adjoins an Olympic sized tennis court and a terraced patio area. It is connected to the other buildings by a series of interconnected lighted concrete pathways. This building features a 3/4 bathroom, full kitchen, and living room with timber framed ceiling and fireplace similar to that of the main house. The building has several closets and storage areas both inside as well as outside for storing sporting goods and other items. This buildings location is very convenient and a perfect venue to watch a game or to get ready for a barbecue on the patio.


The Tennis Court


The Olympic sized tennis court is a great place to play a game. The paved court area is well lit for night time use, fenced in and the area around it extended to allow for thel location to be used other outdoor activities and events. There are tempered glass doors and windows allowing unobstructed views of the court from within the club house.



The Main GarageThe property features two garages, with a total capacity for garaging up to 10 cars. The main garage can accommodate parking for up to 4 cars with one pulled into the shop. It is heated and features a golf cart parking bay, oil changing pit, a large loft, half bathroom, pull in maintenance shop, and even a private gasoline pump. The 3 car garage is approximately 1,300 sq/ft, the shop is approximately 570 sq/ft., and the loft above is more than 800 sq/ft. Within the main garage, there is a 45 Kilowatt Kohler generator is set to automatically switch on in the event of a power disruption. Accessible from within the main garage is a set of custom well pump controllers which feed water up to the property’s 100,000 gallon water tank. The spacious second garage (approximately 1,650 sq/ft), features parking for up to 6 cars or 4 cars and an RV. There is also a spacious storage area (approximately 650 sq/ft).


Water TankHigh above the main house at the edge of the property is the water tank. This water tank holds 100,000 gallons of water which is used for domestic water use, irrigation, and the private fire hydrant system. There are two wells that feed water to the tank. The property has water rights to approximately 8.5 acre/feet. Additionally, there is an all-year natural spring that the State of Nevada had issued a certificate of Appropriation giving ownership of the springs use to the property allowing the owner to divert water from the spring to the property. A transferable special use permit has also been granted by the US Forrest Service (USFS) to access the a spring using the forrest road.


IMG_0024Down by the horse pasture is the horse barn which features a tack room with a 1/2 Bathroom. The solar panels on the roof preheat water for the lap pool in the main residence. The horse barn is approximately 800 sq/ft. The 2.251 pasture is deed restricted for grazing livestock; cultivations and irrigation of bush crops, field crops, hay grass and fodder; corrals, perimeter fencing, gates and accessory facilities; growing and harvesting timber and other forest products. Behind the property is approximately 4 miles of USFS logging roads which provide spectacular lake view riding.