About the Lot

Aerial View of the House and adjoining property.This sprawling estate features many amenities that one would expect to find at an all inclusive resort.


Looking up across the lawnThe home site is one of the largest in Glenbrook consist of 11.46 acres, situated against the hillside overlooking beautiful Lake Tahoe. From its pristine natural vegetation to its expansive lawns and flower beds, the property is truly an outdoor paradise.


The entrance to the estate off of Glenbrook’s The Back Road, is marked by a set of wrought iron gates held by a pair of prominent granite walls. The driveway meanders up the hill past a neighboring cottage before passing the the estate’s main garage on the left and it’s clubhouse and tennis courts on the right.


Upon reaching the top of the hill one first sees the home on the left below with impressive views of Lake Tahoe above its roof top. Below the home is an expansive lawn and landscaping, an aspen grove, a horse barn, and the 2.251 acre horse pasture which sprawls all the way back down to The Back Road.

From the top of the driveway there is a dirt access road to the right, up a hill, with an easement granted across a section of US Forrest Service (USFS) lands. This road accesses the estate’s second garage, the 100,000 gallon water tank, and access to a year round spring which sits on USFS land. The use of the spring belongs to the estate and is transferable. Currently, this natural spring has been diverted to the property and is used to supply a simple fountain located in the parking circle. This access road is also the entrance to approximately 4 miles of logging roads which can be used for horse back riding, hiking, snow shoeing, and other activities.